What Is The CAC?

CAC-Ontario is a community of chiropractors who have an unwavering understanding that humans were designed to be well. We have a deep respect for the Innate capacity of the body to adapt to and thrive in its environment. We also recognize that external stressors can overwhelm the Innate capacity to adapt, leading to cell and tissue malfunction which, if left unaddressed over time, will ultimately lead to cellular pathology, disease and, ultimately, premature death.

We are committed to the highest level of patient-centred care, with a fervent desire to share the traditional vitalistic message that your level of health is entirely in your hands. We also unabashedly know that if the majority of society utilized chiropractic on a regular, ongoing basis we would be able to create a healthy, robust society where our citizens live their lives to the fullest.

We are committed to doing whatever is within our power to vigorously defend the legislative rights of our membership to practice within the vitalistic model of chiropractic. We will continue to promote the potential health benefits for Canadians that is inherent in engaging in a relationship with a Vitalistic chiropractor. We will support the public’s right to choose the world’s number one non-invasive, life-changing health-care interaction:.